Brother CS-80 Review

What is The Brother CS-80 Sewing Machine?

The Brother cs-80 sewing machine is sewing perfection. This machine is completely computerized for accuracy, and it is easy for the novice to sew like a professional in no time. This machine gently guides the material through and allows anything from the design of clothes to the mending of common household fabrics.

Regardless of the look that you are trying to create, it can be easily done with the more than 85 stitch options this machine offers. Unlike other sewing machines, the Brother CS-80 comes complete with bonus accessories that every sewer is sure to use.

Brother CS-80 Sewing Machine

The walking foot, along with the quilting foot and a guilt guide are all included as extras that would be an additional cost, but are included free. There is no need to spend money on additional things that you will need, the Brother CS-80 comes complete and ready to sew.

One of the biggest problems that people have with sewing machines is threading the bobbin and the needles. It is hard to get the bobbin just right and this can be a tedious task. This computerized sewing machine takes care of the bobbin for you. Get it right the first time with the quick load cassette.

It will load both the bobbin and needle with ease. No more straining trying to get the thread into the eye of needle, this machine does it for you. Because the machine is all computerized, it makes sewing a dream. You will be finding excuses of things that need to be sewn just to get to use your new machine.

Want to switch from one stitch to another? Simply press the LED screen and it is easy to customize a look in minutes with the variety of options available. There is no need to switch dials like in the standard versions; this up-to-date model is sophisticated for the professional sewer.

Buttonholes always seem to be a hard thing to add to clothes. The Brother CS-80 makes putting a button hole on fabric easy. This machine has 5 different styles so any buttonhole can be customized to the style and fabric and the look you want.

How would you like to sew a perfect buttonhole every time you did one, you can with this Brother sewing machine? It takes the hardest sewing tasks and puts amazing computerized technology and makes the job easy. It is clearly one of the best machines on the market.

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

The Brother CS-80 is not just another sewing machine; it is one of the best sewing machines on the market. A sewing machine that is computerized will not only make mundane sewing jobs easier, but it will sew with accuracy. One of the few machines of its kind that does not even need a foot peddle to operate.

The smooth start and stop feature on this machine can detect when fabric is in place and it need to start sewing. This sewing machine is like a computer and it has the technology behind it to create stunning creations all for your family.


It will take the hardest household tasks and make them simple for you. Want to make a dazzling pair of curtains for the home? Nothing could be easier with the Brother CS-80 guiding the way. While an expert can definitely benefit from this machine, those just beginning to sew will be spoiled by all its features and the ability to simplify the sewing process.

With 85 stitch choices there is no way any sewing job can be boring, it can be decorated to perfect with colorful stitch options. The Brother CS-80 will make your life much easier; from mending a jacket to hemming pants, this sewing machine is perfect!

Do you want to get into quilting? This machine can handle the heavy fabrics and the thick threads with ease. Making the quilts that sell for hundreds of dollars can be done simply with the Brother CS-80 guiding you. Forget about buying store bought products that are overpriced, make your own and customize them.

Many people are getting into sewing their own clothes like they did in the olden days. With economic concerns having a sewing machine is more important now than before. Make beautiful clothes for your family at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them.


  • 85 Stitch Selections
  • Completely Computerized
  • LED Screen For Easy Selection
  • Automatic Bobbin Threader
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • No Need For A Foot Peddle
  • Auto On/Off Feature Detects When To Sew
  • Lightweight And Easy To Transport
  • The Ability To Control The Stitch Width
  • Includes 3 Bonus Accessories
  • Loaded With The Quick-load System
  • Brother Is A Leader In The Sewing Machine Industry
  • Brother Is a Name You can Trust

Customer Reviews

“I love my CS-80!!! I purchased this when I first started quilting and needed a machine that lowered the feed dogs. The CS-80 is light enough to make traveling easy. You can purchase additional thread cartridges at several retail locations I LOVE my brother products!”


“I had never touched a sewing machine before in my life. After reading through the manual a couple times, I was able to wind the bobbin and thread the machine pretty easily. This model makes wonderful stitches, is very quiet, and travels well.”


Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

Every household needs a good sewing machine. Whether a person is into quilting or just wants to mend common clothing items. There are so many versatile uses for a sewing machine, especially the Brother CS-80. They are economically prices compared to other models of its caliber and come ready to tackle the toughest household sewing projects.

Forget other sewing machines that are overpriced and don’t do half of what this one does. Whether you want to buy it for a gift for someone special or want to use it yourself, this Brother sewing machine is too good to pass up!